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Non-Discriminatory Statement

The Taylor Community School Corporation is proud to serve a diverse group of students that come from a diverse community. To that end, TCSC is committed to encouraging and sustaining a learning environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. TCSC recognizes that any form of discrimination or harassment can be devastating to an individual’s academic progress, social relationship, and/or personal sense of self-worth. 

As such, TCSC does not permit discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age (except as authorized by law), religion, military status, ancestry, or genetic information in its educational programs or activities. TCSC also does not discriminate on the basis of such classification in its employment policies and practices as they relate to students, and does not tolerate harassment of any kind.

All students, administrators, teachers, staff, and all other school personnel share responsibility for avoiding, discouraging, and reporting any form of unlawful harassment. TCSC will vigorously enforce its prohibition against harassment based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age (except as authorized by law), religion, military status, ancestry, or genetic information and encourages those within the TCSC community to seek assistance to rectify such problems. 

All TCSC employees, including administrators, professional staff and support staff, shall report any incident of alleged harassment that the employee observes or which is reported to the employee within two (2) business days. Furthermore, students who either believe they are the subjects of harassment or witnessed harassment and parents of such students are encouraged to report harassment. Complaints should be made to either the Principal of the building or the Superintendent.

TCSC will promptly investigate all allegations of harassment and in those cases where unlawful harassment is substantiated, TCSC will take immediate steps to end the harassment and prevent its recurrence. Individuals who are found to have engaged in unlawful harassment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or expulsion from school. TCSC employees who fail to report any incident of alleged harassment that the employee observes or which is reported to the employee also are subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Furthermore, students or employees who retaliate against individuals who in good faith report harassment will be promptly disciplined. However, students or employees who report harassment maliciously or with knowledge of false information will be disciplined appropriately. 

Although certain cases may require additional time, TCSC will attempt to complete an investigation into the allegations of harassment or retaliation within fifteen (15) business days of receiving the complaint and provide a report to the complainant within five (5) days from the date the report is final. Board Policies 3362 and 5517 available at Taylor School Board Policies provide further information regarding the reporting of suspected harassment.

Mission Statement

The Taylor School Community mission is to prepare and encourage our students for success in all life’s opportunities through the foundation of TITAN STYLE.

Vision Statement

Working together as the Taylor Learning Community, we will distinguish ourselves as a premiere educational site, ensuring a life of success and continued growth for all of our students.

From Roots to Wings: Grow, Soar, Inspire