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Practice Edit (TMS)

This is a practice edit exercise for those learning how to edit web pages.  You can use the tools above much like you use the standard Microsoft Office toolbar.  You can highlight words to boldface, italicize, change font color, and add highlighter.  Many of the keyboard shortcuts you use in Word will work on this editor, too!

Dave is making me do this.

If you are more advanced you might try the following:

We have just released the course description guide for next year.
  • creating a numbered list
  • creating a bulleted list
    • using find and replace
    • adding a web link
  • add a middle line
  • adding a table
  • checking your spelling
  • type number seven


If you are really looking for a challenge you might try to figure out how to add an image!  (But, we will be covering it later!)

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